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Bullpup owners group for bullpup talk no bullshit hunting shooting and general fucking about with bullpups over 18s only we take no responsibility for what's posted or advice followed Admin also take no responsibility for any sales or deals made in the group or if guns are over powered by following members advice the sole owner of the gun is the responsible one ,if easily offended or no scence of humour this forum properly isn't for you where not looking for large numbers more a club where old friends can talk freely be warned this is a adult group with adult themes which may offend . This isn't a free forum it's paid for by admin if you don't like what you read please feel free to leave or contact admon for your account removed

Please no sales or advertising for sunglasses, handbags,shoes and non shooting related items etc ... anyone doing so will be removed also no race related posts politics (unless shooting related) threads ,posts , or content containing such mater will be deleted with out exception or explanation memberships may also be terminated at admins mds discretion over such threads where a airgun shooting / hunting / comunity please try keep it that way best regards from all staff members

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